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10 years of Auto-enrolment


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Auto-enrolment could have failed in so many ways – instead it has delivered far more than it was originally expected to

John Greenwood, editor, Corporate Adviser

The means-testing clawback, state pension age and lack of participation have all largely been tackled. Sorting the self-employed, untangling pension freedoms and investing in infrastructure are now what needs attention

Adair Turner, Baron Turner of Ecchinswell

The lack of quality standards for AE schemes needed fixing before rollout could commence

Sir Steve Webb, partner, LCP, minister of state for pensions 2010-15

We take the consensus around auto-enrolment for granted, but there was a real risk smaller employers could have been excluded. Now low earners, women and ethnic minorities deserve a better deal

Baroness Ros Altmann, minister of state for pensions, 2015-2016

Auto-enrolment has taught us that you can make big changes if you give people notice and phase them in

Rt Hon Sir Stephen Timms MP, chair, Work and Pensions Select Committee


Where next for auto-enrolment?

AE cannot rest on its laurels. So what are the priorities for the next 10 years?Adequacy of contributions is the elephant in the room, hears Emma Simon

The pensions industry was wrong to be sceptical about auto-enrolment

Otto Thoresen, formerly director general, Association of British Insurers, chairman, Nest and CEO, Aegon UK

Yes, automatic enrolment has been successful, but adequacy of contributions and increased coverage across women and ethnic minorities are needed if it is to remain a success

Chris Curry, director, Pensions Policy Institute

Auto-enrolment laid the ground for RI to blossom. But the democratisation of pensions needs more member representation on scheme boards and more freedom for fiduciaries to promote members’ interests.

Catherine Howarth, CEO ShareAction


A bumpy road to a bright new pensions system

A decade on from launch, auto-enrolment is being hailed as a great success. But there were plenty of bumps along the road to implementation.
John Greenwood reports

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A race half run

Dale Critchley, Policy manager, workplace savings, Aviva

Steve Watson, Director of policy and research, Cushon

Jamie Jenkins, Director of policy and external affairs, Royal London

Gail Izat, Workplace managing director, Standard Life

Helen Dean CBE, CEO, Nest Corporation

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